Company profile

 Zhuhai Pinge Battery Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales for the integration of the sci-tech enterprise, takes the market demands and technology innovation as the guide, focuses on battery’s technology research and practical applications. With professional technical team and excellent service to customers, we will promote the progress of the times in the battery industry.

  We are one manufacturer of the most varieties of batteries, majored in rechargeable batteries: Cylindrical lithium-ion battery, lithium polymer, lithium iron phosphate, NI-MH, nickel cadmium, nickel zinc batteries; Disposable lithium batteries: Lithium manganese (3.0V), lithium thionyl chloride (3.6V), lithium iron (1.5V). We also produce charger, flashlight, back-up power, electric bicycle batteries, all kinds of assembled batteries etc.

  We have the technological innovation, quality assurance, flexible, efficient, professional team. And the technical support of Harbin Institute of technology, Chongqing University, the invitation of famous professors of Harbin Institute of Technology as our enterprise consultant. We will deeply explore, accurately grasp, fully meet the personalized, diversified, practical battery demands of the industrial and consumer products.

  It has always been "focus, professional, honest, share" as our business idea, service idea. With the greatest enthusiasm and the spirit of never giving up, we will create a better future with customers and suppliers together accordance with the common development, mutual benefit.

Enterprise culture

Enterprise spirit: We always pursuit the excellent quality and style
Business idea: Focus, professional, honest, share
Enterprise value: Technological innovation, win-win cooperation, return society, progress of the times
Enterprise belief:
                                   Good ideas should put into action, No pain no gain
                                   There remain more ways than questions, Everything is possible
                                   Know how to share and gratitude
Quality Guideline: zero deficiency quality,zero gap service

Organization Chart
Research and Manufacture

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