ANKIDRIVE-a symbol of AI new age


On 11th June.2013, APPLE’s WWDC was held as schedule, just like other APPLE’s conferences in the past, WWDC catched the eyes of users, developpers and media.

On WWDC 2013, what surprised us is that the first presentation of the day came not from Apple, but from a new company called Anki, whose CEO and co-founder Boris Sofman started the company while working on their PhDs at Carnegie Mellon University and whose vision is to bring artificial intelligence and robotics into our daily lives.

Ankidrive was billed as a “real world video game” because the cars can also be programmed, which speeds along a track laid out on the floor and navigates using artificial intelligence running on an iOS device, controlled using Bluetooth low power connectivity. The product uses smart robotic cars powered by Bluetooth to drive on a track. The cars know their location and they are able to react to their surroundings in real time. They can see the track up to 500 times a second to analyze their surroundings and they are equipped to handle a multitude of situations on the printed race track. Players can control the cars via the iPad or the iPhone through an accompanying app.

For every Ankidrive, there equips two motors, one micro camera, bluetooth wireless panel, micro processor, and a power switch with a 3.7V lithium battery which can be fully recharged in a quarter moment, you just spend the time of having some water and the battery has been charged up when you come back. So far as i know, there are very few battery factories can meet the requirement of fully charging in a very short time, but, fullriver can do.

I’m so happy to see that what we have seen in cartoon films of controlling robotics in our childhood now comes into being in our life and lets us satify a craving like the figure in cartoon.

While the Ankidrive app will be available starting today, the actual hardware won't be available until this fall at Apple Retail Stores worldwide. Although we just had a fast look on the conference, we yet cannot wait to have one immediately.